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In May 2012, the Ber-Vaughn pool had fallen to disrepair.The Berwick Borough could not justify repairing and maintaining the pool on its own and decided to close the pool. The Berwick Swimming Pool Authority, now the Berwick Swimming Pool Association (Pool Association) re-established in October 2012. The Pool Association has taken on a capital campaign to redesign the pool area, replace outdated features, and make the entire property ADA compliant.

The Pool Association’s mission statement is to provide the necessary management for the operating budget to include the required labor, maintenance, depreciation and free student transportation. After a re-grand opening in 2016, children and families will have a safe, fun and recreational area to gather. Children will have a place for supervised activity instead of hanging out on the streets. As a result, Pool Association hopes to see a decrease in crime rate and drug use that have been affecting the Berwick Community.

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A special “thank you” to Ed Stepanski and Mike Stevens for the production of this video.