The Largest Community Pool in PA!

Ber-Vaughn Pool will reopen on Saturday, May 27th!13403981_10154200112335883_218695071305421430_o

After four long years of being closed, the Ber-Vaughn Pool received its necessary reconstruction and revitalization to bring back an affordable, fun and safe public pool.

Please check back for updates on the 2017 season!

Hours:     10:00AM-7:00PM Daily

Daily Admission:


Participating Municipalities include:
Briar Creek Borough, Berwick Borough and Salem Township

Summer Passes:

We are currently offering discounted summer passes just in time for the holidays! These prices will run until April 1 so pick yours up today. Passes can be purchased directly at the Berwick Area United Way or through the links below. Please note, a $2.00 surcharge will be applied to all PayPal purchases.

Individual: $75
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2 or 3 people: $150
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4 people: $187
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5 people: $225
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6 people: $262
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7 people: $300
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8 people: $337
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9 people: $375
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10 people: $412
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Summer passes will be available for individuals and families. Rates are listed below:

Participating Municipalities                                        Non-Participating Municipalities 

Individual: $90                                                                     Individual: $100
2 people: $180                                                                       2 people: $200
3 people: $180                                                                       3 people: $200
4 people: $225                                                                      4 people: $250
5 people: $270                                                                      5 people: $300
6 people: $315                                                                      6 people: $350
7 people: $360                                                                      7 people: $400
*price will increase $45 per person                              *price will increase $50 per person