The Largest Community Pool in PA!

Ber-Vaughn Pool is open for the SUMMER!13403981_10154200112335883_218695071305421430_o

After four long years of being closed, the Ber-Vaughn Pool received its necessary reconstruction and revitalization to bring back an affordable, fun and safe public pool.




Hours:     10:00AM-7:00PM Daily

Ber-Vaughn Pool will be closing on September 5 (Labor Day) for the season.

Daily Admission:


Participating Municipalities include:
Briar Creek Borough, Berwick Borough and Salem Township

Summer Passes:

Summer passes will be available for individuals and families. Rates are listed below:

Participating Municipalities                                        Non-Participating Municipalities 

Individual: $45                                                                     Individual: $50
2 people: $90                                                                        2 people: $100
3 people: $90                                                                        3 people: $100
4 people: $135                                                                      4 people: $150
5 people: $180                                                                      5 people: $200
6 people: $225                                                                      6 people: $250
7 people: $270                                                                      7 people: $300
*price will increase $45 per person                              *price will increase $50 per person

The Berwick Area Swimming Pool Association is proud to announce that all police officers and their IMMEDIATE (spouses and children) family members are welcome to the pool free of charge for the rest of the 2016 season!